Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Crafting one's Special Memories

Have you ever experienced in your former school days, whether in elementary or in high school days, where you were given a project by your teacher to compile some stuff and in your own creative way, present it in a form of scrapbook? Some may find it a bit lame, especially the boys, while others find it fascinating and are enthusiastic on creating one especially on designing it. Scrapbooking is a creative way of preserving one’s history such as one’s travel memories, family tree or even the special events and celebrations of one person by gathering photographs, printed materials and memorabilia, and they are being contained albums or scrapbooks, which are being decorated.

Creating one's scrapbook is not really that difficult. The materials needed for creating one don't necessarily have to be expensive and detailed. Making one's scrapbook is just like picking together pictures from a certain event and placing them in a photo album. However, when one talks about scrapbooking, one can mostly see the artistic side of the creator of the scrapbook with the designs present in every page of the scrapbook. The good thing about this art is that nobody really needs to follow certain standards or criteria in crafting it. It is simply one of those crafts where one can freely express the imagination in one's mind by playing with the different components of design like the different colors, shapes, lines and the available resources which can be placed in a scrapbook. One can even combine various kinds of crafts and art in designing one's scrapbook.

Even simple artworks such as mosaics and painting – which can be done with water color, colored sprays, colored pencils or even an available set of crayons, can already make one's scrapbook full of art. This is the part of scrapbooking which is fun for the creator of the scrapbook. One can even decorate the scrapbook with the aid of friends or family members. The design in the scrapbook should be enough to leave some spaces of the more important content inside it, the photos and the different mementos.

The next part of the craft is the selection of what should be placed inside every page that will mark an impression on the person viewing the scrapbook. Some people are very sensitive in the selection of the different stuffs to be included inside the scrapbook. They usually prefer to choose some stuff, which looks pleasant and good inside the scrapbook. However, a lot preferred to include every photo during the certain event and even tried to squeeze in many other items with the little spaces available in the scrapbook. Whether it's a piece of candy wrapper or a big piece of a souvenir item, or a funny and embarrassing photograph or just a simple pose of all the members of the family, as long as the creator finds it significant, it will be posted inside the scrapbook. With every picture and object inside the craft, notes composed of some phrases may be attached to it. It doesn't really matter what the words are being posted in every page, since one can surely tell by the pictures the atmosphere and the feelings present during the event.

As soon as the whole scrapbook is finished, one can feel the satisfaction and happiness for the accomplished work as each page of the scrapbook turns. That a good part and memory of yours are being concealed with much effort and time spent. Some may not really appreciate the designs and the efforts being poured into the accomplishment of the scrapbook, but what really matters is that one can preserve one of the important events in one's life in a nice and creative way. One should be proud in such accomplishment since only a few could be kept and present such as memories in an artistic way. One's personal touch on the craft speaks a lot of how significant the event has been to one. In every paged turned is like a piece of a story, which may not be arranged in a sequential order but still, it has thought and full of meaning. One can feel the emotional connection with the creator of the scrapbook while reminiscing over the memories and moments which happened during the event.