Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Spice of Traveling Alone

If you boastfully announce to your family, friends, relatives or colleagues that you will be traveling, what do they usually ask you? Are you braved enough to tell them that you are traveling alone or you always dread them asking you, who’s going with you?

Typical person ages between 15 to 65 will probably spend more of their life single than with a partner. So why do many of us don’t fancy the idea of traveling alone and prefer traveling with a companion? Regardless, there is no better or worse preference, traveling alone or with a group are just two entirely different experiences filled with never-ending fun and adventure.

Traveling unaccompanied either in your own country or overseas isn’t a terrible move to take because sometimes, whether we like it or not, we will need to be alone by ourselves---to contemplate, to think things over, to get away for peace and relaxation, to spend time for ourselves and many other countless reasons. As a matter of fact, single traveling is one of the much-loved refuges of poets, writers and other creative people amidst the hustle and bustles of life.

Traveling solo to see the world serve as a quest for your inner self. Experiencing a roller coaster of feelings and emotions may occur but this is definitely a unique way of discovering things about what is still concealed deep within you. You can do what exactly you have planned to do for a long time, explore the adventurous side of you that you never thought existed, discover many facets of your personality and the strengths you never imagined you had and experience a total freedom to explore your interests you didn't know you possess. These are certainly the main essences of traveling alone if you intend to enjoy the holidays.

Unlike traveling with a companion when your interests clash and instead of finally having the time of your life to excitedly visit the place you longed for since you were a child, you end up succumbing to your friends’ interest and trying to fit in with their activities, which you are not in the mood for. To make things worse, you will look like a pathetic little girl who got no choice but to simply sightsee your own preferences from afar. Of course you wouldn’t want that to happen. Aside from that, this would increase your tendency of regretting your experience in the future since you weren’t able to have the chance to go on a vacation again, and you missed out on things that you really wanted to see and do. Whereas if you travel by yourself, your schedule all depends on you because you own your time. You can decide where to go, what to see, move at your own pace at anytime and anywhere. You have the freedom to do whatever that makes you happy without having to please anyone.

Traveling alone is also a time in your life when you are in full control. You only have yourself to rely on like budgeting, safety and daily plan of activities---you all do unbelievable stuffs that you never did when you’re at home. That is why solo travelers develop a sense of responsibility and maturity.

Other thrilling things to look forward to when traveling single-handedly are meeting interesting people and making new friends; not to mention the likelihood of developing a romantic relationship with a new acquaintance for single individuals.

Oftentimes, traveling alone does not deprive us of the solitude and peace that we need and help us to keep ourselves sensible in this increasingly competitive and frantic world. Solo travel gives us the chance to let go of our fears, worries, depression and other concerns of our daily life and be back home with a greater sense of confidence that will spill over into everything else that we do.

We may have different views and not all would ever consider being alone around the world, a good idea. While others still argue that there is no fun in traveling singly but who knows, this time, you might fall in love with the idea of traveling alone, and you would be one of the persons to have many unforgettable stories to share along with the pictures to help you remember the experience. After all, no one would ever dare to travel alone if it was a horrible thing to do. Besides, the best travel partner you could ever have is yourself.